Sunday, 26 May, 2024
Ashwin Solanki

Ashwin Solanki

An opinionated, argumentative Bhartiya of the 90's, Who likes politics, history, disruptive tech, and the songs of Kishor Kumar. Don't take posts emotionally

Friend of deceased Anajali Sigh and eyewitness of the accident. (source: ANI )

“She was in a drunken state”, Kanjhawala car drag case eyewitness appears after two days, blames the victim

Nidhi, the eyewitness stated that Anjali Singh, the deceased, was in a drunken state but insisted on driving the two-wheeler. ...

China will drop quarantine for overseas visitors, prompting concern a travel rush and further spread. Photograph: Ng Han Guan/AP

China to relax quarantine rules for overseas visitors amidst videos of long lines in hospitals and crematoriums

While reports suggest a grim situation in the country, China has decided that it will drop quarantine for overseas visitors ...

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An official survey of Shahi Idgah complex upsets Asaduddin Owaisi

In a tweet, the AIMIM chief wrote, “After Babri Masjid judgement, I’d said that it’ll embolden Sangh Parivar’s mischiefs. Now, Mathura ...

Union health minister's review meeting with state health ministers

Centre prepares for Third Wave, RT-PCR test must for passengers from China and Four more Countries

The health minister asked the states to strengthen the surveillance system for whole genome sequencing of positive case samples to ...